How we help the Oil & Gas Industries

Oil Field Operation

In the oil field operation, we offer solutions for controlling hydrogen sulfide, paraffin, biofilm, emulsion breaking, treatment for pre and post fracking water, black water treatment and bacteria.  Our products have been found to be effective at opening up oil/gas formations by removing blockage that occur from iron sulfide deposits, biofilm and paraffin deposits.  and Using our new oxidant, we provide a safe and easy to use, low cost technology .

Control Scale & Corrosion

In once-thru or recirculating systems, we can control and minimize scaling or corrosion by eliminating the formation of a biofilm.  Our new oxidant is very effective at oxidizing the EPS which leads to corrosion and scaling.  It also helps minimize your HPC in the system which will reduce the re-formation of the biofilm. We will improve your heat transfer coefficiencies in your processes and increase your cost savings.

Remove H2S

JC 9450 as a mineral oxychloride oxidant is very effective at remove hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds from aqueous environments as well as gas streams. By raising the oxidative energy as measured by millivolts (mv), we eliminate the potential for hydrogen sulfide to to exist.  We convert H2S to an inert SO4.  This is a very low cost method to improve the safety of your operation.

Control Paraffin

Paraffin is general found in the oil field operation. It creates blockage and will interfere with flow in oil pipelines.  JC 9450 modifies the surface charge on the paraffin molecule which prevents it from accumulating (deposit) in the oil formation, pipeline and transfer pump. Mixing water with JC 9450 helps keep paraffin in a fluid state at lower temperatures. This a low cost method for controlling paraffin in your operation.

Remove and Control Iron Sulfide

Removing and control Iron Sulfide (FeS) is very important in the oil field operation (downhole or pipelines).  Iron sulfide can form a deposit on pumps, pipelines and check valves.  Iron Sulfide is also pyrophoric (ignites spontaneously when exposed to air). JC 9450 react with the iron sulfide creating iron oxide and sulfate which will reduce the danger iron sulfide in your system. The application is very simple and the reaction time is quick.  JC 9450 offers you a smart and cost effective method to treat iron sulfide.

Treat Frack Water

Treating frack water is quite simple with JC 9450.  Whether you are preparing the frack water for being re-injected into your system or treating the returning frack water, JC 9450 will oxidize the organic (bacteria) and inorganic (iron sulfide & hydrogen sulfide) contaminants.  By controlling the oxidative energy in the frack water with JC 9450, you can provide a cost effective alternative with a small capital investment to your operation.

Remove Biofilm

Biofilm provides protection to various pathogens in water treatment, wastewater, oil & gas production, post-harvest operations and more. To destroy the biofilm you have to oxidize the extra-polymeric substance (EPS) surrounding the pathogens.  JC 9450 provide sufficient oxidative power to destroy the EPS and eliminate harmful pathogens.  By using ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) and keeping the energy level above +600 mv, JC 9450 is very cost effective and simple to use for the removing biofilm.

Treat Black Water

Blackwater treatment is usually found in the oil field operation.  It is water that has 0.1% to 5% oil and a mixture of iron sulfide and other contaminants. Using JC 9450 as oxidizing, we will break the emulsion, oxidize the iron sulfide and remove any hydrogen sulfide in solution.  JC 9450 will oxidize any organic pathogens (bacteria)  and inorganic contaminants (iron compounds and sulfur compounds). Using an ORP meter to control the feed rate, you can develop a cost effective method for treating blackwater in your operation with an inexpensive investment.

Break Emulsion

Break Emulsion

JC 9450 can be used as an emulsion breakers for oily wastewater system.  By increasing the oxidative energy of a solution, we make water more hydrophilic and hydrocarbons more hydrophobic.  JC 9450 changes the charge on the surface of the water and hydrocarbon molecule making it easy to separate them.  By reversing the surface charge, JC 9450 provides a safe and low cost method to treat oily wastewater.

Treat Sour Water

In the production of certain hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide is washed into a wastewater stream causing it to have a low oxidative energy (-150 mv to -250mv).  Adding JC 9450 to sour water will raise the oxidative energy to over +100mv eliminating hydrogen sulfide from the water. By simply adding JC 9450 via a metering system you can quickly and cost effective technology.

Desalter Wastewater

Information about how we Desalter Wastewater

Strong Oxidizer

JC 9450 is a strong oxidizer.  By chemical generating singlet oxygen, we create hydroxyl ions.  Hydroxyl ions have an Ev value of 2.6 v vs ozone of 2.07 v.  JC 9450 generates a high concentration of hydroxyl radical ion and singlet oxygen ions when it reacts in water.  JC 9450 is a very low cost method of generating a high concentration of oxidative energy.

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