Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Liquid/Solid Separation - Coagulants and Flocculents

Jenfitch offers a variety of chemicals that can be used in liquid/solid separation for industrial and municipal water treatment systems.  We offer coagulants and flocculants that are NSF approved for potable use as well as potable reuse applications.  We carry a wide variety of flocculants used in sludge dewatering equipment: 1) centrifuge, 2) belt press, 3) screw press and 4)others. With over 30 years in the industry, we can help you select and apply the most effective chemical to achieve optimum liquid/solid separation in your system

Liquid/Solid Separation - Coagulants and Flocculents

Jenfitch offers a wide variety of coagulants and flocculent for your water treatment needs.  We have developed customized coagulants and flocculent to achieve to achieve optimum clarity and fast settling in your clarifiers.  Our flocculent are effective in increase particle density and enhancing water release during the dewater phase.  Jenfitch can provide a simple and effective chemical program to improve clarity, settling and dewatering.


Jenfitch can provide you variety of flocculent: 1) dry flocculent, and 2) liquid emulsion. These chemicals are very effective in increasing the particle size and water release from the particle.  It is a low cost method and simple to use.  Jenfitch can provide a simple and effective chemical program to improve clarity, settling and dewatering.

Struvite/Vivianite Control and Removal

Jenfitch, Inc has developed a new technology that prevents and remove struvite and vivianite in your system.  Whether it is forming in your digester, the overflow line or the dewater system, JS 9300 series can effective solve your problem.  JS 9300 series works on chelating the magnesium before it can form struvite.  With vivianite, by controlling the iron with a strong chelate it to will not form a deposit.  We have developed a simple method to test our product.  Contact and we can provide you with a sample and the test procedures to evaluate our technology before you buy!!!

Metal Removal - Copper Removal

Jenfitch, Inc has developed a simple technology that works better than a hydroxide complex precipitant without raising the pH of the solution.  We can achieve copper level in the parts per billion (ppb) range to meet stringent State and Federal discharge requirement with your existing system. Using JC 9830, we effective precipitate heavy metal quick and easy.  For more information, please contact us for some of our case studies.

Potable Water Reuse

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JC 9450 can effectively remove biofilm from potable water distribution systems, cooling water systems, fruits & vegetables, oil & gas producing wells, and air scrubbing systems.  JC 9450 eliminates the EPS (extra polymeric substance) that prevents disinfectants from killing pathogens.  By simply using JC 9450 to raise the ORP, JC 9450 will dissolve the biofilm and prevent the reappearance.  JC 9450 is a simple/cost effective method to remove biofilm from your system.

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